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Bronx Science GSA

bobble-up revolution!

Bronx Science Gay Straight Alliance
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All Members

Welcome to the community for the Gay-Straight Alliance of the Bronx High School of Science! Membership in the community is limited to current and past members. But anyone can view the entries and post comments. If you're interested in joining the club or just find out more about what we do then email us at bxsgsa@yahoo.com.

Here's what the journal's for:
1) Posting news/pictures of LGBTQ related events.
2) Posting about GSA events and plans for upcoming events.
3) Posting your thoughts about meetings and events.
4) Suggestions or anything else you want to discuss related to the club.

There are a (very) few ground rules for the community:

1) Don't start a new post if there is already an entry for the topic. Comment in that entry. Only start one if the topic is new or different.

2) If you have pictures of meetings or events, by all means please post them! BUT keep them under a cut-tag. If you don't know how to use them, just type this:

< lj-cut text="these are pictures or whatever" >
(insert pictures/text here)
< /lj-cut >

But without the spaces between < and >. This is just so that people's computers won't be mad slow when they load the page.

3) Hey you guys, remember, we follow the rules of the gsa meetings here. so...

C is for confidentiality.
R is for respect.
A is for attentiveness.
B is for BE OPEN.
S is for sensitivity.

ASS is for Assumptions. Everyone makes them, but check your ass at the door (figuratively speaking).

and shoutouts to the wonderful, fantastic graduated '06 seniors of the GSA!!!!!!

For the current 2006-2007 School Year, your friendly neighborhood GSA officers are:

President: Becky AKA Beccalecalecaleca
Vice Presidents: Ruth AKA Lady Rutherford Frankus Fancy-Pants and Helen AKA The Pope
Faculty Advisor: The Amazing Ms. S

And they're also the moderators, so if you have any problems with using the community, go to them!


We you!
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