Session draws to a close in Albany – let your voice be heard!

With only two weeks left to the regular legislative session in Albany, there are a number of important bills still in play where our community needs to be heard. Call our legislative leaders on these two measures. Be sure and mention the bill name and bill number when you make your call. They are:

1. The Family Health Care Decision Act would give spouses and domestic partners equal legal authority to make medical decisions for their loved ones who are unable to do so for themselves. Besides helping every New Yorker who has not filled out a health care proxy saying who they want to make health care decisions for them, the bill makes sure that LGBT New Yorkers will not be treated as legal strangers when their partners and spouses are in need of someone to make medical decisions for them.

Call Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno at 518.455.3191 and tell him to let the current Assembly version of the Family Medical Decision Making Act (A.5406B) come to the Senate floor for a vote before the end of session.

2. The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) would explicitly prohibit in state law discrimination based on gender identity and expression in employment, housing, credit, education and public accommodations. This bill has never received a vote in either chamber of the legislature, even though eight other states and the District of Columbia have adopted similar measures, as have scores of private companies here in New York from Pfeizer to Xerox to JP Morgan Chase. The Assembly has traditionally been the place where civil rights measures are first acted upon, and the measure already has 55 Assembly sponsors who support the bill.

Call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at 518.455.3791 and ask him to bring the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (A.7438) to the Assembly floor for a vote before the end of session.