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Well, the first meeting was definitely a success...25+ people came, and we talked about a variety of topics, including the activities we do during the year, and Safe Spaces.
If you missed the first meeting, it's fine! Come whenever you can...new comers are always welcome. :]


PS: As Vice President of Treasury, GET S.O. CARDS as soon as you can!
ps im scared of the so card office
pps its terrifying
ppps please guide me through this terrifying ordeal
um weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
becky, check your facebook messages and let me know what you think?

YAY for good first meetings. I'm so happy for you guys :)
Congratulations on the start of your organization. I graduated some time ago and attended the 10% Club back in 1994. Unfortunately, it didn't last more than a year, but we certainly had the support of the students and faculty. Best of luck for your continued success!
Hi! I'm new to communities and I'm trying to figure out how to join so I can post. I don't see where I have to click in order to join. Help! ~ Ms. S

PS - Can you also add my bxsci email address to the list for when you, Helen, or becky send messages out? Thanks!

PPS - Phew, my jury duty is over and I'll see ya tomorrow...